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Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Can we bring our own clubs?

- Yes! We encourage all guests who have their own clubs to bring their own.

2. Do you have clubs to rent?

- We have a limited number of adult and kids set. Both right and left-handed.

These are available to rent for $10 per set.

3. How many people can play on one simulator?

- 4-6 players can comfortably play on one simulator at a time.

4. How long does it take to play 18 holes?

- While pace of play varies between players, one person can generally play 18

holes in one hour.

5. Is there an age limit for who can play?

- While there is no age limit, we ask that guests under 18 years of age be

accompanied by an adult.

6. Are there kids games available?

- There are! We have a wide selection of golf related games, just ask your server

about them when you come in.

7. Can we order food and drinks while we golf?

- Yes, table service is provided at all simulators, you can order both food and

drinks and enjoy them at your simulator bay.

8. Do you host parties or private events?

- We do; see our Corporate Events tab on our website or call the restaurant!

9. Do you have gift cards?

- We offer gift cards both on our website and at the restaurant. Just ask your


10. Do you offer golf lessons?

- We have a full-time Golf Instructor who offers lessons. For more information, see

our Lessons page on our website.